Beyoncé’s Ivy Park

Beyonce – What can we say about her? Beautiful, successful, independent and a woman with a great business ethic.  Apart from being a great singer and idolised by people worldwide – she also has her own clothing line called Ivy Park which sells at Topshop in the UK.  The sportswear label is  designed for woman who love to train hard while looking fashionable. The brand inspires woman to be healthy, independent and happy no matter what their sporting ability is.

This great but simply designed leotard is perfect with shorts for a run or jog in the summer evenings. The dark colour blends well with the pink stitchings at the top and bottom of the garment. The Ivy Park logo sits elegantly in the middle to complete this cool but sporty design.

This sweat top and joggers along with flip flops are ideal for lounging round the house or after a session in the pool. The simple grey pattern and black tints make a it a great choice during after exercise.

Beyonce’s style is always changes. Don’t be surprised to see a new range if Ivy Park sportswear on show at her live shows. It is the perfect way to get her designs seen by thousands of people and in particular, her target audience.

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