This Summer Is All About Turkish Patterns

With the recent heat wave of sorts this week (hello the three days of summer we’re lucky to get this year) all the rules about what to wear from the wardrobe have been thrown out the window. And while a walk around town will have you looking at many people who are just a bit too warm in shorts and vests tops that only get worn once or twice a year, you like us might have noticed some people with light scarves and very funky patterns on them. At first I thought it far eastern influence form around India and Bangladesh that we were seeing pop up in stores like Zara & New Look. But a little bit of research online in to the patterns themselves told us that it was actually the Middle East that was the underlying influence, specifically in Turkey. I thought today on the blog we’d take a look.

Apart from that, Turkey was not on my radar at all. This last week though I’ve been reading up on the rich history of fabrics and designs in the area and have even thought about booking a little trip there later on in the year (a quick search on Wikipedia has me thinking October time would be perfect as the average temperature is 20 degrees) and hotels are generally cheaper at that time of year. But enough about that, on to the fabrics.

Trends always come and go but summer style can be recreated every year, and lets face it, when we are on holiday we tend to wear things we don’t normally wear in day to day life.

The freedom of being away and on holiday coupled with the need to alter our clothing to deal with the heat can often lead to some quite bold and exciting looks.

A holiday to Turkey can be spent exploring the sites, enjoying the beautiful beaches, tasting the delicious cuisine and even taking part in adventure activities such as hiking, biking and windsurfing. However, spending time exploring the local shops is a great way to get in touch with the local culture and discover fashion inspiration to bring back home with you. In the shops and bazaars of Turkey you will be able to find a great many great fabrics should you wish to try to make something when you get back home. You will also have the opportunity to buy clothing that is a little different to what you are used to.

Embracing something different will help to refresh your ideas about fashion and style and will undoubtedly inspire your future outfit choices.

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